YTO Express in China


    With the rapid development of the e-commerce industry, the logistics and express industry’s requirements for barcode scanning are also increasing, and more and more problems arise: the barcode is not clear enough, the scanning response speed is slow, the error rate is high, repeated scanning is easy to occur, and the wireless signal is weak And so on, greatly reducing work efficiency and increasing labor costs. In addition, the use scene environment is harsh, easy to fall, and dusty, which affects the service life of the equipment and adds additional costs. Customers now urgently need high-efficiency and high-quality equipment to solve current problems.


    Wei CL W40 industrial-grade professional intelligent terminal, powerful scanning engine, can identify 1D & 2D barcodes, and has higher resolution for defaced and missing barcodes, which can achieve fast scanning speed and high accuracy at the same time. There is also a 2W high-power speaker, with a scanning indicator, which brings clear and accurate scanning feedback to users.

    Using Qualcomm SDM450 platform, built-in dual PA and the latest wireless chip and antenna gain technology, to achieve ultra-low packet loss rate and ultra-long-distance network connection.

    The structural design of the combination of soft and hard, realizes the resistance to 2 meters of cement ground fall, the protection level is IP67, professional waterproof and dustproof, equipped with a 4900mAh Tesla power lithium battery, and a standard backup power solution that does not shut down. Complex and harsh usage scenarios.

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